LUMIstar Omega

Dedicated microplate luminometer

BMG LABTECH microplate reader LUMIstar Omega from the front view

The LUMIstar® Omega is BMG LABTECH's powerful dedicated luminescence microplate reader, providing highly sensitive flash and glow assay readings. This DLReady-certified microplate reader can also come equipped with Simultaneous Dual Emission for BRET applications, and can be further upgraded to a multi-mode reader.

LUMIstar Omega


The LUMIstar Omega is a dedicated luminescence plate reader for luminescence measurements, including BRET. It provides highly sensitive readings of all luminescence applications in end-point and kinetic assays. Moreover, a built-in filter wheel and the optional Simultaneous Dual Emission detection make multiple wavelength detection and BRET applications possible.


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LUMIstar Omega

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