Meet the Team

At BMG LABTECH, we think that great people make for a great company. Behind our microplate readers, there is a team of great employees, working closely together with enthusiasm and talent. It is time to take a look behind the curtains and show you our world. 

Meet some of the people behind our microplate readers!


Niko Kouprizas

He takes care that your microplate reader gets properly and safely packed and shipped. Meet Niko, one of the most recent additions to the BMG LABTECH family.

Our passionate R&D employees

These are all people who are responsible for the high technical quality of our microplate readers, spanning from mechanical design, to hardware and software development. Our research and development team brought up and constantly brings up many innovative technologies, that made us a technology leader in the field and let us stay at the forefront of the industry.


Michael Bollack

In his spare time, he enjoys hiking and untouched nature, during working time he “breathes life” into our plate readers.

Jürgen Haas

He adapts technology to fit the requirements of the market. Introducing optic development engineer Jürgen.

People at the other end of the phone line - meet our support team!

These likeable people are there when you are writing or calling us with your support query. They are happy to answer your questions and help you to get the most out of your BMG LABTECH microplate reader.


Giovanni Abbenante

A natural multi-talent from Down Under, besides supporting customers, he enjoys playing the violin and the food he produces in his own farm.

Jarrett Cheek

If you like what Jarrett, the U.S. Service Manager, does as an amateur woodworker and carpenter, you’ll love the way he can help you with your reader.

Our plate readers are built by their hands

These passionate people are with us to bring our microplate readers to live. Our production team spans from Prototyping to Assembly to Quality Control. Some of these colleagues have already been involved in building our first instruments.


Syamand Ismail

If you ever wondered who built your Omega reader, then get to know Syamand from our production team. He could be your tour guide in our HQ facility.

Markus Kammerer

He could have made it as a cartoon draftsman! Instead, he is taking care of our production, making sure that all processes work smoothly. Here is Markus!

Stefan Kiefer

Juggling between QC tests, support and his organic orchard, he is BMG LABTECH´s longest serving employee.
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