Discover how our microplate technology can advance your immunological research with cell-based applications, biochemical methods, and ELISA type techniques.

Immunology is the study of the immune system, which protects us from infection through many lines of defence and therefore is a vital branch of medical and biological sciences. If the immune system is not functioning properly it can lead to diseases such as autoimmunity, allergy, and cancer. The importance of immunological research is highlighted by past and present scientific breakthroughs including safe organ transplantations, the identification of blood groups, and the ubiquitous use of monoclonal antibodies throughout science and healthcare, immunology has changed the face of modern medicine. Immunological research is continuing to expand our knowledge and understanding of how to treat significant health issues through ongoing efforts in in immunotherapy, autoimmune diseases, and vaccines for emerging pathogens. The advancing in microplate technology by BMG LABTECH have contributed towards immunological research including cancer immunotherapies and vaccine production using methods such as ELISA to quantify antibodies, antigens, proteins, and glycoproteins and cell-based assays to assess cellular signalling pathways and immune cell maturation, as shown in the AppNote: Bead-based Assay using pHrodo™ Red to Evaluate Phagosome Acidification. Explore the content below to understand how BMG LABTECH instruments can be further utilised in immunological research.



Search our resources section for information about specific applications, literature citations, videos, blog articles and many other publications. Many of the resources provided are associated with current and previous instrument models and versions.

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