Today, the expectations for biotechnological approaches are immense. Sample throughput plays a crucial role and offers microplate readers the opportunity to support biotechnology.

Biotechnology encompasses methods that use cellular and biomolecular processes to improve our lives and health on earth. Without anyone being aware of it, biotechnology has been used successfully for thousands of years - for baking bread or brewing beer, for example. In modern times, many new potential areas of application for biotechnology have emerged. Biotechnological methods are expected to sooner or later enable us to feed, heal and fuel the world.

An achievement of the past 20 years has been the multitude of protein interaction assays that can be carried out in 96 to 1536 well plates. They replace lengthy or radioactive procedures and facilitate the screening for potential active substances.

BMG LABTECH microplate readers measure all these assays. They not only provide highest sensitivity and throughput, if necessary, they further assist in developing your own assays and adapting existing methods to your specific target.

Alzheimer Neuron with Amyloid-Plaques

Protein aggregation

Aggregation of misfolded proteins leads to diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or prion disease. We have the dedicated reader for aggregation assays.
6 samples with different substances

Protein quantification

Plenty of sample volume or just a few microliters, high or low protein concentrations, total protein or a specific protein quantification, our plate readers measure it all.
3D rendering of an antibody and DNA helix

Protein interactions

BMG LABTECH readers detect protein bindingss to another protein, a peptide, or nucleotide. FRET, BRET, and fluorescence polarization are perfectly suited for interaction studies.
Illustration of PETase-Enzymes

Enzyme activity

Which conditions do inhibit or increase enzyme acitivity? Our readers acquire data generated by colorimetric, fluorescent and luminescent kinetic assays and analyse them.
Illustration of protein characterization

Protein characterization

Discover microplate-based assays to measure protein unfolding, stability, and post-translational modifications.
A glass with water in it


Need to know the solubility of your compound? BMG LABTECH´s NEPHELOstar will tell you!


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