THUNDER cell signaling assays performed on our microplate readers

In this tutorial, Jaime Padrós of BioAuxilium Research introduces a new line of ready-to-use cell signaling assay kits based on their enhanced proprietary TR-FRET platform, THUNDER™.

Jaime discusses immunoassays enabling easy, rapid, sensitive, and robust quantification of endogenous proteins in either cell lysates or supernatants with only one reagent addition step.

Moreover, selected cytokine and phospho-protein assays are validated on the CLARIOstar Plus microplate reader. These data demonstrate the superior sensitivity of this plate reader for TR-FRET based assays.

Get more information about THUNDER™ cellular kinase assays in AN361: Analysis of ERK1/2, p38αβγ, and STAT3 phosphorylation with the THUNDER™ TR-FRET cellular kinase immunoassays.

In the application note Excellent assay performance of THUNDER™ TR-FRET cell-based cytokine assays performed on the PHERAstar FSX, it is shown how the PHERAstar FSX with TRF laser exhibits much higher sensitivity and dynamic range than a competing HTS microplate reader. We presented these findings together with Jaime Padrós in a second webinar, which compares THUNDER assay performance on the PHERAstar and CLARIOstar, as well as on a competitor microplate reader.

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