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Why to choose a BMG LABTECH absorbance microplate reader?

BMG LABTECH is specialised in producing microplate readers only and brings more than 30 years of full expertise in microplate reading technology. This knowledge gets visible in the results that our instruments deliver - the only factor that counts in your lab! Our users can trust to obtain best results in sensitivity, speed and flexibility. Moreover, our single and multi-mode plate readers are developed to provide optimum performance for years. Our instruments are developed, produced and tested in Germany and are built to be extremely robust and reliable.

Buy only what you need
Due to their modularity, all our multimode plate readers can be equipped with different detection modes and cover a multitude of applications. Additional features can be upgraded. This gives you the chance to keep your options open even if you don’t use the full scope of your microplate reader right at the bat.

All-round service and support
We strive to provide you with the very best customer service and support. If you need customer support, we are only a phone call or email away. During business hours, you immediately speak live to a person who is happy to assist. There is no automated phone system or waiting in a queue. Our scientists, engineers and technicians are always there to help.

Multi-user software package
All our instruments come with a multi-user software package that can be installed on as many computers as users requires, without the need to purchase licenses. Software updates for our microplate readers are of no charge within the first 12 month after purchase.