Microplate spectrophotometer

Ultra-fast, full spectrum absorbance with the SPECTROstar® Nano microplate reader

The SPECTROstar® Nano from BMG is a revolutionary Microplate Spectrophotometer for absorbance measurements. The flexibility it provides makes it easy to perform low-volume absorbance assays at speeds like no other absorbance-only reader on the market.

Features of our Microplate Spectrophotometer:

  • Analyze ELISAs, enzyme kinetics, microbial growth, and even cell-based assays with a single instrument
  • Read different chromophores without the need to purchase extra filters
  • Acquire a full UV/vis spectrum in the same amount of time you would need for one wavelength 
  • Ultrafast UV/vis spectral acquisition: from 220 – 1000 nm in < 1 second/well
  • Alternatively, you can simultaneously acquire 8 distinct wavelengths in  < 1 second/well
  • Compatible with microplate formats up to 1536-wells 
  • Precise temperature control and multiple shaking options
  • Modular and upgradeable to multi-mode plate readers
  • Made-in-Germany dependability

Predefined protocols also make it possible to read ELISAs, RNA, DNA, protein, cell growth, and more simply at the touch of a button.

Instantly capture full spectra for low volumes, microplates, and cuvettes with the UV vis SPECTROstar Nano spectrometer from BMG LABTECH!

Microplate reader SPECTROstar Nano


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