Legacy microplate readers

Unlimited applications and technical support

Our mission is to develop microplate readers guaranteed to provide optimum performance for years. We have maintained this philosophy while continuing to remain at the forefront of microplate reading, always introducing new and unique products. All microplate readers are built to be extremely reliable and robust over decades, some of the very first products are still in use across the globe.

BMG LABTECH's products deliver excellent and reproducible results over decades when routinely maintained.

We continue to offer support and service for our legacy reader products. Our applications and technical support teams will be there for customers for the lifetime of their microplate reader.


These BMG LABTECH plate readers are no longer available


POLARstar Omega

POLARstar Omega

The POLARstar Omega expanded the capabilities of the Omega series with additional detection modes such as TR-FRET, fluorescence polarization and AlphaScreen. The POLARstar Omega was replaced in 2022 by the VANTAstar.



Discontinued plate reader CLARIOstar

The CLARIOstar plate reader with its revolutionary patented LVF Monochromator™ technology was launched in 2013. Its flexibility and sensitivity, made it extremely suitable for assay development in life science. The CLARIOstar was replaced in 2019 by the CLARIOstar Plus.


PHERAstar & PHERAstar FS

Discontinued plate reader PHERAstar FS

The PHERAstar readers has been conceived for high-throughput screening. Its high sensitivity and fast read times established it as the gold standard for screening campaigns. The PHERAstar FS was discontinued in 2016 and replaced by the PHERAstar FSX.



Discontinued plate reader NOVOstar


The NOVOstar is a multifunction microplate reader offering liquid handling capabilities (micro-pipettor and plate-to-plate transfer) for kinetic cell-based assays, along with the measurement abilities of a conventional multi-mode microplate reader. It was discontinued in 2015.



Discontinued plate reader FLUOstar Optima


The OPTIMA series is a family of filter-based single and multi-mode readers that was discontinued in 2013. The success of the OPTIMA Series has established BMG LABTECH as an industry leader in microplate reader innovations with its advanced functionality, easy-to-use control software and affordable price. Three readers belong to this series:


  • FLUOstar OPTIMA offers four basic reading modes: absorbance, fluorescence intensity incl. FRET, Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF) and luminescence. The FLUOstar OPTIMA was replaced by the FLUOstar Omega.
  • POLARstar OPTIMA upgrades the FLUOstar OPTIMA with fluorescence polarization and Simultaneous Dual Emission (SDE) detection. SDE can also be used for better performance in FRET and BRET assays.The current product is the VANTAstar.
  • LUMIstar OPTIMA offers high-performance luminescence and BRET capabilities. It can be upgraded to FLUOstar or POLARstar OPTIMA. The LUMIstar OPTIMA was replaced by the LUMIstar Omega.



Discontinued plate reader NEPHELOstar

It was discontinued in 2012. The world’s first laser-based microplate nephelometer developed for light scattering measurements. The NEPHELOstar was the first generation that was further improved and replaced with the NEPHELOstar Plus.



Discontinued plate reader RUBYstar


The RUBYstar was the first and only laser-based HTRF-dedicated reader on the market. It was recognized as the standard benchmark of performance for HTRF assays. The RUBYstar was discontinued in 2010 and replaced with the PHERAstar Series. Our current product is the PHERAstar FSX.


Galaxy Series

Discontinued plate reader POLARstar Galaxy


The Galaxy series is the forerunner of the OPTIMA and the first series of single and multi-mode plate readers BMG LABTECH built. Galaxies were discontinued in 2003. Three readers belong to this series:

  • FLUOstar Galaxy offers four basic reading modes: absorbance, fluorescence intensity incl. FRET, Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF) and luminescence. The current product is the FLUOstar Omega.
  • POLARstar Galaxy enhances the FLUOstar capabilities with fluorescence polarization as an additional detection mode. With the POLARstar Galaxy it is also possible to measure two emission wavelengths simultaneously. The current product is the VANTAstar.
  • LUMIstar Galaxy is a single mode luminescence plate reader. The current product is the LUMIstar Omega.
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