What’s my budget?

When it comes to the purchase of a microplate reader, budget of course plays a role.

The price of a microplate reader depends on the technical equipment and the number of measurement technologies that the device can measure. The price range of a reader starts at 2.500 Euro/Dollars for a basic filter-based ELISA microplate reader and could go up to over 150.000 Euro/Dollars for a high-end multi-mode microplate reader with several detection modes and the best technology for highest sensitivity and fastest detection.

Be careful with your choice and do not only consider your current, but also your future plate reader needs.

Keep an eye on the possibility to upgrade your microplate reader with additional features or measurement modes. If you have the chance to upgrade later, you don’t need to buy an additional microplate reader for future applications. This saves not only money and useful space in your lab, but also time that you need to get used to a new plate reader or brand.

Besides the costs for the microplate reader itself, be aware of possible additional hidden costs e.g., fees for servicing, support, software updates and licenses or bundled reagent packages.

Also keep in mind that although filter-based readers are usually cheaper than monochromator-based instruments, you need to purchase different filters for different applications. Be sure to factor in those costs as well. 

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Why to choose a BMG LABTECH microplate reader?

BMG LABTECH is specialised in the production of microplate readers only and has more than 30 years of full expertise in microplate reading technology. This knowledge translates in the results that our instruments deliver - the only factor that counts in your lab! Our users can trust to receive best results in sensitivity, speed and flexibility. Moreover, our plate readers are developed to provide optimum performance for years. Our instruments are developed, produced and tested in Germany and are built to be extremely robust and reliable.

One quality seal is our product ranking on the established scientific platform "Select Science", where our customers gave us 4.7 out of 5.0 stars. Don't miss to read what our users have to say about our microplate readers.

Buy only what you need

Due to their modularity, all our plate readers can be equipped with different modes and cover a multitude of applications. Additional features can be upgraded. This gives you the chance to keep your options open, even if you don’t use the full scope of your microplate reader right at the bat.

All-round service and support

At BMG LABTECH we strive to provide you with the very best customer service. If you need customer support, we are only a phone call or email away. During business hours, you immediately speak live to a person who is happy to assist. There is no automated phone system or waiting in a queue, our scientists, engineers, and technicians are always there to help.

Multi-user software package

All our instruments come with a multi-user software package that can be installed on as many computers as users require, without the need to purchase licenses, and is conceived to meet the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines. Software updates for our microplate readers are of no charge within the first 12 month after purchase.