UV/vis spectrometer

BMG LABTECH was the first plate reader manufacturer to incorporate a UV/vis spectrometer for absorbance detection into multi-mode instruments.

The spectrometer incorporates a highly-efficient optical grating and a solid-state array detector that allows the measurement of light intensity throughout the UV and visible parts of the spectrum. Similar to a monochromator, but much faster, the spectrometer captures the entire UV/vis spectrum of a sample within one second per well, with no mechanical scanning needed. Moreover, it provides better sensitivity and resolution. 

No longer worry about setting or tuning different wavelengths for your absorbance assays. The spectrometer will capture full-absorbance data at a resolution of 1 nm for all wavelengths from 220 to 1000 nm in less than one second per well. Alternatively, up to eight discrete wavelengths can be collected at the same time.

The spectrometer permits absorbance experiments that were previously not possible. Due to the ultra-fast speed of spectral capture, time-course experiments can be monitored for wavelength shifts with 0.2-second resolution. Absorbance shifts can be monitored in real-time as an assay goes to completion. The spectrometer technology allows users to focus on developing assays and expanding capabilities without worrying about running instrumentation. 

BMG LABTECH is the only microplate reader company in the world offering spectrometer technology in a multi-detection microplate reader. Fig. 1: The UV/vis spectrometer captures the entire UV/vis spectrum of a sample in less than one second, instead of detecting individual wavelengths sequentially.

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