Microplate Stacker

Microplate handling system


The Microplate Stacker is designed to optimize microplate handling and increase workflow and throughput. Its compact footprint allows for easy integration with BMG LABTECH’s microplate readers and provides rapid loading, unloading, restacking, and continuous feeding for up to 50 microplates. The Stacker accommodates all types of microplate formats and is designed to read barcodes from multiple positions on the microplate.

The best choice for medium-throughput screening operations, the Microplate Stacker allows users to concentrate on running assays, not managing plates.

Microplate reader accessory Microplate Stacker

Features of the Microplate Stacker

  • 35 and 50 microplate capacity magazines
  • Rapid plate loading, unloading, and restacking
  • Continuous load feature
  • Barcode reader for left and front sides of microplate
  • User-definable advanced protocols

Software Package

Compatible with the PHERAstar FSX, CLARIOstar, Omega seriesand NEPHELOstar Plus, the Microplate Stacker is operated through the Reader Control software, ensuring seamless integration. BMG LABTECH’s Control Software directly runs and coordinates both the Stacker and the reader and controls both the definition of the measurement protocol and the configuration of the plate reader.


Flexible user-defined run scripts

The script mode gives the user unlimited flexibility. This function can be used to choose different test definitions for different plates in one batch run or to perform multiple measurements on one plate.

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