Developing metabolic cell-based assays on the CLARIOstar

  • Company: Agilent Technologies
  • Interviewee: Dr Ryan McGarrigle (Research Scientist)
  • Products used: CLARIOstar
  • Method: oxygen consumption and pH detection, real-time live-cell kinetic analysis

Ryan is part of the Cell Analysis Division at Agilent Technologies (former Luxcel Biosciences). Agilent develops fluorescence-based microplate assays to measure metabolism in different cell types. Assays include: oxygen consumption, extracellular acidification, and intracellular oxygen assay for measuring O2 concentration at a cellular level.

The CLARIOstar microplate reader is used in the lab for most of the assay development duties and offers a one-click solution for the Agilent metabolic assays. All Agilent measurement protocols come pre-installed on the reader and the MARS templates make data analysis very simple.

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