Reagent injectors

Many of today's most popular assays require the ability to monitor a signal during and after the addition of a reagent. All BMG LABTECH microplate readers, with exception of the SPECTROstar® Nano, can be equipped with up to two software-controlled reagent injectors.

Injectors enable reagent delivery to any plate format from 6-384 wells. Injection timing, injection speed, delivery volume, and the ability to inject different volumes in each well of a plate can all be controlled through the Reader Control Software. Multiple additions from one injector into the same well can be performed as well.

The reagent injectors are easily cleaned, chemically inert, and can be configured with various syringe types depending on the customer's need. High volume syringes are available for large volume buffer delivery and low volume syringes are available for precious, expensive, or temperature-sensitive reagents.

On the PHERAstar® FSX, CLARIOstar® Plus, and the Omega series, injectors are fully integrated into the reader platform. For the VANTAstar®, an external detachable reagent dispenser module is available. Advantages of our reagent dispensers include:

  • Reagents are light-protected
  • Transparent tubes allow for the detection of impurities and bubbles
  • Significant reduction in wastage thanks to exceptionally small dead volumes and a backflush function
  • A software-controlled heater and magnetic stirrer enable reagent mix and dispensing from a bottle or beaker at a specific temperature (only on VANTAstar)

Fig. 1: Reagent injectors available with BMG LABTECH readers enable reagent delivery with the desired injection speed and injection volumes.

Injection at point of measurement

Some assays produce signals that decay very quickly after reagent addition, becoming unreadable within a few seconds upon injection. Without the ability to read and inject simultaneously, the user can lose valuable signal information.

The PHERAstar® FSX, CLARIOstar® Plus, and the Omega series allow simultaneous injection and measurement. On the PHERAstar® FSX and on the Omega series, it is even possible to read and perform two injections at the same time. Simultaneous injection and reading ensure that users experience no loss of data and save valuable laboratory time.

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