Software updates

See if your microplate reader has the most recent software

BMG LABTECH continuously updates its Reader Control and MARS Data Analysis Software to include new developments and new features, which are mostly user driven. Software upgrades are free of charge while the instrument is still under warranty or they can be purchased at a reasonable price. Here you can see if your microplate reader has the most recent software.

All of the software listed below is Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 compatible. Contact your local BMG LABTECH representative to update your software.


Reader softwareInstallation VersionReader Control    FirmwareMARSRelease date
PHERAstar FSXV5.70 Edition 4V5.70 R4V1.31V3.42 R519.08.2020
CLARIOstar PlusV5.70 Edition 3V5.70 R2V1.34V3.42 R520.08.2020
Omega seriesV5.70 Edition 2V5.70V1.52V3.42 R520.08.2020
SPECTROstar NanoV5.70V5.70V1.21V3.42 R627.11.2020
NEPHELOstar PlusV5.70 Edition 2V5.50 R4V1.51V3.42 R520.08.2020
CLARIOstarV5.70 Edition 4V5.70 R2V1.35V3.42 R602.12.2020
PHERAstarV5.70 Edition 4V5.70 R4V1.42V3.42 R519.08.2020
PHERAstar PlusV5.70 Edition 4V5.70 R4V1.42V3.42 R519.08.2020
PHERAstar FSV5.70 Edition 4V5.70 R4V1.31V3.42 R519.08.2020
OPTIMA seriesV2.20 R14V2.20 R2V1.26V3.01 R220.12.2013
NOVOstarV1.30 R9 V1.30 V1.22 V2.4106.11.2012
NEPHELOstarV4.32 R9V4.32V3.07V2.4106.11.2012



Minimum system requirements

  • Computer with Pentium CPU (we recommend Intel Pentium 4 or higher with at least 2 GHz clock rate)
  • 1GB or more RAM
  • 2GB free hard disk memory for software installation
  • Microsoft Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10


Additional system requirements PHERAstar FSX, PHERAstar FS, CLARIOstar, Omega series, SPECTROstar Nano and NEPHELOstar Plus

  • One free USB port


Additional system requirements PHERAstar, PHERAstar Plus, OPTIMA series, NEPHELOstar, NOVOstar

  • One free serial communication port