Voyager Control Interface

With Voyager, BMG LABTECH´s new microplate reader control interface, data acquisition is more intuitive than ever. Available for CLARIOstar Plus and VANTAstar, Voyager transforms the way users design protocols by removing complexity while maximising flexibility.

Setting up a detection protocol has never been quicker and easier with Voyager’s streamlined drag and drop system. This comprehensive platform allows full flexibility from straight-forward measurements to more demanding assays. As part of our multi-user software concept, Voyager can be installed on as many computers as the user requires, without the need to purchase additional licenses.



Drag and drop your detection protocol

Voyager’s intuitive design allows to quickly identify and adapt all the existing components of a measurement protocol. The addition of further action elements, such as a additional detection modes, incubation or an injection step can be implemented without effort. Order or duration of the individual steps can be adjusted at any time. Multi-chromatic measurements in the same or with different detection modes can be easily defined in the same protocol without the need for complex, multi-stage setups.

Fig. 1: •	Example of a workflow in Voyager


Predefined protocols for a quick start

Preset detection protocols enable a quick and easy start as they already provide predefined detection settings for specific assays. Voyager comes with more than 30 pre-installed assay-dedicated detection protocols. Just select your protocol and you are good to go! Existing protocols can be further modified to fit similar assays, or new protocols can be created from scratch, depending on your needs. Predefined protocols include: DNA/RNA concentration, protein concentration (Lowry, Bradford, BCA), ELISAs, cell growth, NADH/NAD+ conversion, DLRTM, ADP-Glo®, LanthaScreen®, HTRF® cAMP and IP-One, LANCE®, AlphaScreen®, AlphaLISA®, calcium assays (Fura-2), GFP, ORAC, OD600 excitation and emission scans and AMC enzyme kinetics. The well-established fluorophore toolbox simplifies the identification of optimal filter settings and thus supports fast and effective protocol setup, even from scratch.

Fig. 2: •	The Fluorophore Toolbox simplifies optical settings


Fig. 3: •	Actions can be easily added to every workflow




Full flexibility for complex tasks

Build your own bespoke detection workflows. Voyager supports endpoint and kinetic detection, multi-chromatics also using different detection modes, spectral scanning and multiple well scanning modes. In addition, reagent dispensing, gas (O2 and CO2), temperature and shaking are controlled by the interface. These actions can be included at any time in a workflow, significantly increasing flexibility.

Never lose track

In the current state window Voyager allows you to watch your results unfold in real time. Monitor the generated results in real time in your preferred format and take action at any time if necessary. For multiplexing assays, simply switch back and forth between the channels. For kinetic assays, you can choose between monitoring kinetic curves that build up over time or the single values of each measurement loop.



Fig. 4: •	Current state displays results in real time


Key features 

The principal features of Voyager include:

  • Interface to run the plate reader and acquire data
  • More than 30 predefined assay protocols
  • Create your workflows by dragging and dropping single actions
  • Real-time data display during measurement
  • Endpoint and kinetic detection
  • Combined multi-detection (multichromatics) in one detection run



  • Spectral scanning (absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence)
  • One-click top/bottom reading switch
  • Multiple well-scanning options for heterogeneous sample measurement
  • Controls injectors, ACU, temperature and shaking
  • Automatic data transfer to MARS data analysis software
  • Data export to Excel


Voyager is compatible with all VANTAstars and with CLARIOstar Plus readers starting from serial number 430-4001. The software package included with every reader consists of Voyager, SMART Control and MARS data analysis interfaces. SMART Control and MARS are conceived to meet the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines.

Current software versions

We constantly improve our software to provide you with more flexibility and capabilities. BMG LABTECH software upgrades are free of charge during the warranty period of the instrument. Contact your local BMG LABTECH representative to update your software.


Reader software

Installation Version




Release date

CLARIOstar Plus

V6.20 Edition 3






V6.20 Edition 3





* Compatible from serial number 430-4001



Minimum system requirements

Item Minimum Requirements
Processor x64-based processor
Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 / 11 64-Bit
Memory 4 GB RAM (8 GB RAM recommended)
Hard Drive 2 GB (4 GB of available space or more recommended)
Minimum Screen Resolution 1680 x 1050 Pixel
Connection 1 free USB 2.0 / 3.0 port


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