NEPHELOstar Plus

Microplate nephelometer for light-scattering and turbidity measurements

BMG LABTECH microplate reader NEPHELOstar Plus from the front view

The world’s first and only laser-based microplate nephelometer was developed to meet high-throughput demands for fast compound solubility screens. The NEPHELOstar® Plus detects insoluble particles in liquid samples by measuring forward scattered light and can be used for turbidity measurements, drug solubility screening, protein binding kinetics, microbial growth, and petroleum process control.

NEPHELOstar Plus

The NEPHELOstar Plus is a microplate nephelometer with a high-intensity laser diode. It can be up to thirty times more sensitive than traditional transmission optical density readers that measure the reduction in direct light passing through a sample well. Thanks to its speed, flexibility and performance, the NEPHELOstar Plus allows more applications to be adapted to microplate-based laser nephelometry than ever before.


  • Adjustable laser intensity and beam diameter
  • Measurement in up to 384-well microplate format
  • Incubation up to 45°C or 60°C
  • Linear, orbital and double-orbital shaking
  • High-precision injectors with simultaneous reagent injection and detection
  • Microplate Stacker and robot compatible
  • Easily integrated into automated systems

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NEPHELOstar Plus

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