Multimode microplate reader

Today, there is a plethora of different assays that modern labs need to run. Hence, rather than single mode instruments, a multi mode microplate reader (also called multimode plate reader or multimode reader) offers the convenience of multiple detection at a fraction of the cost of multiple dedicated machines. Moreover, a multi mode microplate reader save bench space in the lab and can increase throughput and efficiency.


BMG LABTECH offers different types of multi mode microplate reader, from the budget friendly filter-based Omega series, to the flexible LVF Monochromator-based™ CLARIOstar®, up to the high-end, high-throughput screening dedicated PHERAstar® FSX.


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All types of BMG LABTECH multi mode microplate reader can be equipped with the three common detection modes for microplate detection, absorbance, fluorescence intensity and luminescence as well as with advanced detection modes such as fluorescence polarization, AlphaScreen® and Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF).

Modularity/Upgradability of our Multi Mode Microplate Readers

Thanks to our modular concept, BMG LABTECH multi mode microplate readers not only meet the needs you have today but can be upgraded at a later time point to fulfil your future requirements as well. This allows laboratories to purchase only what they need at the time. If additional features or detection modes are required in the future, the instrument can be upgraded at any time.

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