Development of a rapid HTRF insulin assay

Z.J. Farino (1), T.J. Morgenstern (1), J. Vallaghe (2), N. Gregor (2), P. Donthamsetti (1), P.E. Harris (1), N. Pierre (2), R. Freyberg (3), F. Charrier-Savournin (2), J.A. Javitch (1), Z. Freyberg (1) (1) Columbia University, (2) Cisbio, (3) Yeshiva University 04/2016

The direct measurement of insulin is necessary for studying the mechanisms of glucose stimulated insulin release. Together with Cisbio, an HTRF®-based insulin detection assay has been developed. The assay provides quick and cost-effective results and proves suitable for HTS purposes.

Secreted insulin in cells or supernatant is transferred to a new microplate, antibodies coupled to HTRF chemistry are added. After a short incubation time the signals are detected. HTRF measurements were performed with the PHERAstar® FS microplate reader which is designed to optimize HTRF detection.


The assay is able to detect insulin from a variety of species. Examples are given for insulin from humans, rodent, pigs or cows. The system is further suitable to detect the effect of modulators on insulin secretion.

Compatible readers

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