Promega's P450-Glo luminescent cytochrome P450 assay using a BMG LABTECH microplate reader

James Cali (1), EJ Dell (2) (1) Promega Corporation, (2) BMG LABTECH 04/2007

Enzymes known as cytochromes P450 (CYP or P450) are responsible for the oxidative metabolism of xenobiotic, hydrophobic chemicals, which include most therapeutic drugs. For drug discovery, researchers need to determine how new drugs are metabolized by P450 enzymes and if they alter P450 activity.


The P450-Glo™ Assay employs the P450-Glo™ luminogenic substrate that is converted by CYP isoenzymes to luciferin. In a second step, luciferin reacts with the Firefly luciferase in a light-emitting reaction. The light is detected by a microplate reader and is proportional to P450 activity.


BMG LABTECH microplate readers provide the perfect platform to perform Promega's P450-Glo™ Assay. With a dedicated luminescence detection system the reader minimizes the background signal, thereby increasing the confidence in the data. Furthermore, with two optional onboard injectors and a standard 45 °C incubation chamber, the BMG LABTECH reader can easily become fully automated to perform all of your P450 screening needs.

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