Use a bright luciferase for bioluminescence resonance energy transfer to explore protein:protein

Highly sensitive NanoBRET measurements using the LVF monochromator or filter-based readers


With the NanoLuc® luciferase, Promega has created the next generation of BRET assays. The NanoLuc® enzyme is smaller in size than other luciferases. At the same time its emission is brighter by several factors. These properties make the NanoLuc® the perfect BRET donor. As BRET acceptor, a fluorescently labeled HaloTag® fusion protein is used that emits light in the red range (>610 nm).


The NanoBRET assay technology is intended for studying protein-protein interactions in living cells. One example is the Frb binding to FKBP in response to an inhibitor (Rapamycin). This measurement was performed on a CLARIOstar® microplate reader. With its linear variable filter (LVF) monochromator™ the CLARIOstar was able to match the two NanoBRET wavelengths without special filters. For all other BMG LABTECH instruments filters optimized for NanoBRET are also available.

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