Growth of Campylobacter using a microplate reader equipped with ACU

R.D. Haigh, J.M. Ketley Department of Genetics, University of Leicester 08/2011

The bacterium Campylobacter jejuni causes food poisoning with symptoms of abdominal pain, diarrhea and fever. C. jejuni is cultured at 37-42 °C, 5-8 % Oxygen and 10 % carbon dioxide as this mimics a conditions found in the intestine of its hosts.


Here, a comparison of C. jejuni growth studies performed in 8 ml scale were compared with growth curves obtained in a 96 well microplate. The atmosphere was controlled with a VAIN workstation or the atmospheric control unit of a microplate reader, respectively. Optical density at 600 nm to assess biomass was acquired in a cuvette or directly in the microplate.


Comparing growth of Campylobacter grown in tubes to those grown in 96 well plates demonstrates that the growth of this fastidious organism can be transferred to a 96 well format. This is made easy by the design of the BMG LABTECH microplate reader providing temperature control, shaking and atmospheric control.

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