Tryptophan quantification using UV fluorescence measurements on the CLARIOstar multi-mode microplate reader

Mark Gröne, Franka Maurer BMG LABTECH 07/2014

Tryptophan is an essential amino acid as it cannot be synthesized by the human organism but needs to be ingested with food. Besides its importance in dietics, tryptophan gained interest since it fluoresces. The fluorescence of tryptophan that is located inside a protein differs from the fluorescence from surface-standing tryptophan. This is used to study protein folding.

The fluorescence intensity of tryptophan can be detected with BMG LABTECH's microplate reader CLARIOstar® down to a concentration of <2 nM. The fluorophore tryptophan gives a linear signal over a high concentration range, irrespective of using filters only or a combination of a filter for excitation and the LVF Monochromator™ for emission. Accordingly, the CLARIOstar® is a sensitive tool for tryptophan fluorescence measurements.

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