The new Atmospheric Control Unit (ACU) for the CLARIOstar provides versatility in long-term cell-based assays

Carl Peters (1), Tracy Worzella (2) (1) BMG LABTECH, (2) Promega 02/2015

The possibility to let cells grow in microplates and monitor cell viability and cell cytotoxicity in real time is much more convenient compared to the conventional petri dish method. From the microplate reader point of view a few requirements must be fulfilled so that the cells feel happy enough to grow. For that reason the CLARIOstar® is equipped with an Atmospheric Control Unit (ACU) that offers a solution to fully regulate and independently control oxygen and carbon dioxide gas levels within the microplate reading chamber. Features like temperature control, shaking options and bottom reading detection complete the picture.

Determining cell viability is of great interest for every researcher who wants to study the effect of test compounds on proliferation and cytotoxicity. In this application note two assays from Promega (luminescent RealTime-Glo® MT Cell Viability and fluorescent CellTox Green Cytotoxicity Assay) were multiplexed to detect the number of viable and dead cells in a cell culture that were growing for up to 72 hours.

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