PHERAstar FS: a multi-mode microplate reader for sophisticated HTS assays

Marjan Orban (1), Silke Angersbach (1), Randy Hoffman (2), Megan Buros (2) (1) BMG LABTECH, (2) Invitrogen Corp. 02/2005

The High-Throughput Screening (HTS) approach to drug discovery has gained widespread popularity over the last 25 years. Because of the need to process thousands of assays per day, HTS relied upon multiple-well microplates and robotic processing technologies. Pressure for increase in throughput and reduction in cost led to the adoption of high-density, lower-volume microplates as well as fast, homogeneous, miniaturizable screening assays.


BMG LABTECH's PHERAstar® FS combines rapid plate reading necessary for HTS with enhanced performance and sensitivity needed to read small liquid volumes. The performance and features of the PHERAstar FS are presented in this application note with commercially available HTS kits such as Far Red PolarScreen™, AlphaScreen®, and HTRF®.

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