Luminometer microplate readers from BMG LABTECH

Highly-sensitive luminescence microplate readers


The LUMIstar Omega from BMG LABTECH is a dedicated luminometer plate reader which can be upgraded to also measure fluorescence intensity, fluorescence polarization, absorbance and time-resolved fluorescence.



  • High performance thanks to dedicated measurement electronics
  • Onboard reagent injectors, variable shaking, and top and bottom reading as standard


The LUMIstar is also DLReady™ for Dual Luciferase® Reactions.


Our Omega series of plate readers is based on the same technology platform, meaning that you can add additional technologies at any time, such as AlphaScreen®, TR-FRET, and UV/Vis absorbance.

Get more information about BMG LABTECH's dedicated luminometer microplate reader for luminescence assays or our CLARIOstar microplate reader.

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