Low-volume protein measurements (280nm): validating the LVis Plate over many concentrations

Sarfaraj Topia, Alison Turner UCB Pharma 07/2013

Protein quantification is a routine work but often a laborious duty if numerous samples need to be analyzed. It is advantageous to use the working concentration to save diluting steps and to work with low volumes to save sample. The LVis Plate by BMG LABTECH provides a tool to measure UV/Vis absorbance in a volume as low as 2 µl. Aromatic amino acid side chains absorb light at 280 nm which can be used to measure protein concentration.

Here, we show that protein quantification with the LVis Plate resembles the results obtained from a UV/Vis spectrophotometer and a small volume alternative (NanoDrop). Measurement on all instruments gave a high linearity with R2 values > 0.99. The protein concentrations yielding a linear correlation ranged from 0.2 to 18 µg/µl.

Use of the LVis plate is a reliable, sample and time saving option for analyzing protein concentration.

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