The complexity of life is based on chemical processes within organisms. Biochemistry studies these chemical reactions and our readers are the tools for your discoveries.

Methods that answer biochemical question are as varied as the chemical processes in living organisms. They cover simple protein quantification assays such as Bradford or Lowry assay to adjust protein extracts for further analysis, as well as enzyme activity assays helping to find inhibitory and accelerating conditions. These assays benefit from BMG LABTECH´s kinetic read options, an Enhanced Dynamic Range for high intensity variations in a measurement and a suite of enzyme kinetic analysis options.

An achievement of the past 20 years has been the multitude of protein interaction assays that can be carried out in 96 to 1536 well plates. They replace lengthy or radioactive procedures and facilitate the screening for potential active substances.

BMG LABTECH microplate readers measure all these assays. They not only provide highest sensitivity and throughput, if necessary, they further assist in developing your own assays and adapting existing methods to your specific target.


Search our Resources section for information about specific applications, literature citations, videos, blog articles and many other publications. Many of the resources provided are associated with current and previous instrument models and versions.

    Neurodegenerative disease research
    April 02, 2020

    Neurodegenerative disease research

    Today, life expectancy in developed countries is well above 80 years of age, but with a longer life expectancy comes a higher chance of developing a neurodegenerative disease, such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and dementia. As these disorders progress, they become increasingly debilitating until full-time care is required. Unfortunately, the etiology of these diseases is still not fully understood, and most drugs only treat symptoms. With life expectancy on the rise, it is important to further our understanding of these conditions and develop new treatments. 

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    • Circulating cord blood HDL-S1P complex preserves the integrity of the feto-placental vasculature

      Del Gaudio, I;Sreckovic, I;Zardoya-Laguardia, P;Bernhart, E;Christoffersen, C;Frank, S;Marsche, G;Illanes, SE;Wadsack, C;[2020]

      Biochim Biophys Acta Mol Cell Biol Lipids

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    • The identification and characterisation of autophagy inhibitors from the published kinase inhibitor sets

      Zachari, M;Rainard, JM;Pandarakalam, GC;Robinson, L;Gillespie, J;Rajamanickam, M;Hamon, V;Morrison, A;Ganley, IG;McElroy, SP;[2020]

      Biochem. J.

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    • A platform for context-specific genetic engineering of recombinant protein production by CHO cells

      Cartwright, JF;Arnall, CL;Patel, YD;Barber, NOW;Lovelady, CS;Rosignoli, G;Harris, CL;Dunn, S;Field, RP;Dean, G;Daramola, O;Gibson, SJ;Peden, AA;Brown, AJ;Hatton, D;James, DC;[2020]

      J. Biotechnol.

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    • The association between synovial fluid serine proteinase activity and response to intra-articular corticosteroid injection in psoriatic arthritis

      Abji, F;Ye, JY;Cook, RJ;Oikonomopoulou, K;Chandran, V;[2020]

      Clin. Rheumatol.

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    • Evidence of pathogen-induced immunogenetic selection across the large geographic range of a wild seabird

      Levy, H;Fiddaman, SR;Vianna, JA;Noll, D;Clucas, GV;Sidhu, JKH;Polito, MJ;Bost, CA;Phillips, RA;Crofts, S;Miller, GD;Pistorius, P;Bonnadonna, F;Bohec, CL;Barbosa, AA;Trathan, P;Rey, AR;Frantz, LAF;Hart, T;Smith, AL;[2020]

      Mol. Biol. Evol.

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