Transcreener assays

High throughput tools to study thousands of target enzymes

Screen for enzyme-interacting compounds with Transcreener® certified BMG LABTECH readers

The universal Transcreener® assays from BellBrook Labs measure byproducts of common biological enzymatic reactions. Four competitive immunoassays for the direct detection of ADP, AMP/GMP, UDP and GDP are available. Quantification of these nucleotides allows the calculation of enzymatic activity of e.g. kinases or methyltransferases.

Certified instruments


Strict Transcreener® validation criteria make sure that the detecting instrumentation fulfills all requirements in terms of performance (Assay Window and Z´value) and read times (a 384w microplate must be read < 5 min).

The BMG LABTECH microplate readers PHERAstar®FSX, CLARIOstar® and POLARstar® Omega all achieved the Transcreener® certification.

Versatile fluorescent detection

The Transcreener ADP2 kinase assay use far-red dyes and can be measured using three different fluorescent readouts:


  • Transcreener FP (Fluorescence Polarization)
  • Transcreener FI (Fluorescence Intensity)
  • Transcreener TR-FRET (Time-Resolved Fluorescence Energy Transfer)

BMG LABTECH's readers are certified for all Transcreener assays.

Meera Kumar from Bellbrook Labs says: "A Z` of 0.84 was obtained at 10% conversion when running a 10 μM ATP/ADP standard curve in FI format while the TR-FRET and FP format gave a Z` of 0.89 at 10% conversion when running a 10 μM ATP/ADP standard curve. We are proud to add the PHERAstar FSX to our growing list of Transcreener certified instruments."

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