Rapid ultra-sensitive isothermal DNA detection using RPA technology and a BMG LABTECH microplate reader

Olaf Piepenburg, Niall A. Armes TwistDX Ltd. 08/2008

Nucleic acid amplification techniques (NAATs) are central to molecular DNA tests, including clinical diagnostics, environmental testing, food testing, and many other applications. The isothermal nucleic acid amplification technology Recombinase-Polymerase-Amplification (RPA) reduces costs and simplifies the operating procedure as compared to thermo-cycling approaches. The constant low reaction temperature of RPA, its resistance to temperature fluctuation, and the integration of the DNA amplification step with proprietary detection probes means that it can be employed easily on a BMG LABTECH microplate reader which detects the fluorescence signal.


The combination of the RPA technology and a BMG LABTECH reader allowed for the detection of the sex-determining region on the human Y-chromosome in material from buccal swabs. The assay provides a very simple sample preparation, a DNA amplification system requiring isothermal temperature conditions and proves ideal for high throughput demands if read on the appropriate reader such as a BMG LABTECH device.

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