Measurement of red fluorescent dyes for improved multiplexing capabilities and cellular assays on the CLARIOstar Plus

Andrea Krumm BMG LABTECH GmbH, 77799 Ortenberg, Germany 02/2019

Due to increased use of cell-based assays and multiplexing, fluorophores emitting in the red are on the rise. Here, we demonstrate the suitability of the CLARIOstar Plus to detect such dyes. The microplate reader employs a dedicated detector for red-shifted fluorescence. It displays high sensitivity which is proven by the limit of detection for AlexaFluor647 (0.8 pM). The dedicated detector also improves TR-FRET measurements. In comparison to a standard detector, TR-FRET assays reach higher assay windows and higher assay quality. For assays with limited energy transfer, the Z’ value was improved about three times, making it a usable assay (Z’ with dedicated detector 0.66) This makes the CLARIOstar Plus a reliable device when it comes to complex samples and multiplex measurements with red-shifted dyes.

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