High-throughput method for dual assessment of antifungal activity and growth kinetics using a FLUOstar Omega

Gordon Ramage, Ryan Quinn, Steve Milligan Glasgow Dental School, Faculty of Medicine, University of Glasgow 03/2009

Due to the rise of resistant strains, development of antimicrobial molecules is of high interest for pharmaceutical research. Here, we present an assay that screens for antimicrobial activity in 96 well plates. It is based on a kinetic measurement of Candida albicans absorbance at 550 nm.


Monitoring the absorbance with BMG LABTECH's FLUOstar® Omega allowed identifying differences in the lag-phase of microbial growth. These differences revealed the antimicrobial effect of tea tree oil and of the known antimicrobial agent Amphotericin B.


We show that the minimum inhibitory concentration assays can be assessed using the FLUOstar Omega to provide a sensitive and accurate analysis of growth kinetics to demonstrate subtle dose dependant drug effects that otherwise would be missed using endpoint readings. The benefit to this method for screening is that Candida albicans and other pathogenic microorganisms can be tested with a range different antimicrobial agents and concentrations.

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