Food & beverages

Find out how dozens of hundreds of food samples can be analyzed for ingredients, allergens, or toxins. ... with just one microplate reader!

During development, optimization and quality control of food or beverages, many samples need to be processed and measured in the same way: the perfect prerequisite for a microplate reader.

Food research is interested in the quality of new products. A common microplate test determines the antioxidant capacity of juices from fruits and vegetables or how the antioxidant content is affected by novel ways of processing.

Further microplate-based assays test how nutrient composition changes with modified production or storage conditions.

Before a food or drink can be found on the shelf of the supermarket it needs to go through quality procedures. In food samples, microplate readers identify toxins such as aflatoxin or dioxin, allergens, or pathogens.

BMG LABTECH microplate readers are available as single- or multi-mode instruments with up to seven different read modes. This modularity allows to select only what is needed for your food analysis and leaves the possibility to upgrade later with increasing demands.


Search our Resources section for information about specific applications, literature citations, videos, blog articles and many other publications. Many of the resources provided are associated with current and previous instrument models and versions.

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    • What happens at night? Physiological mechanisms related to maintaining grain yield under high night temperature in rice

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    • A Unique Acylated Flavonol Glycoside from Prunus persica (L.) var. Florida Prince: A New Solid Lipid Nanoparticle Cosmeceutical Formulation for Skincare

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    • β-Glucan Production by Levilactobacillus brevis and Pediococcus claussenii for In Situ Enriched Rye and Wheat Sourdough Breads

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