Bradford assay performed on BMG LABTECH microplate readers

Franka Gankse, E.J. Dell BMG LABTECH 08/2007

Different colorimetric assays have been developed to determine the protein concentration of samples. The most commonly used methods are the Bradford assay, the Lowry assay and the BCA assay. In this application note we demonstrate how to determine the protein concentration of samples using the Bradford assay and a BMG LABTECH microplate reader. The Bradford assay is based on the binding of protein to Coomassie® Brilliant Blue G-250, a dye that shifts its absorbance maximum upon protein binding. A calibration curve of protein solutions with known concentration is required to calculate protein concentrations of unknown samples.


Spectrometer-based microplate readers by BMG LABTECH quantified protein solutions in the range of 0.1-1.4 mg/ml. The MARS Data Analysis Software provided one-click calculation of sample concentrations, completing the combination of assay and reader to ensure an easy and quick protein measurement.

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