Assessing pancreatic trypsin activity using the microplate reader from BMG LABTECH

W. Huang, M.C. Cane, D. Latawiec, M. Awais, J. Armstrong, M. Chvanov, D.N. Criddle, R. Sutton Royal Liverpool University Hospital 05/2012

Pancreatic trypsin activity is one of the commonly used biomarkers for assessing severity of both in vivo and in vitro experimental acute pancreatitis. Currently, it is measured by fluorimetric assay using the trypsin substrate Boc-Gln-Ala-Arg-MCA and a spectrophotometer in which samples are excited at 380 nm and emissions collected at 440 nm.


Here, the assay was miniaturized and the kinetic of fluorescence was measured on a BMG LABTECH microplate reader. The method was improved by filter optimization. This way, the enzyme activity of porcine trypsin was determined.


The BMG LABTECH microplate reader offers the possibility to test pancreatic trypsin activity with a minimal volume of sample and dyes in multiwell format and in real time.

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