Microplate Readers from BMG LABTECH

Innovative, high-performance microplate readers

BMG LABTECH offers instruments for a multitude of applications in life science, drug discovery and research. See all plate readers
No matter the assay, BMG LABTECH offers the perfect instrument or accessory to suit your needs.
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Versatile, high-performance microplate reader with monochromators, spectrometer, and filters


The ultimate multi-mode microplate reader for research and High-Throughput Screening

FLUOstar Omega

Filter-based multi-mode microplate reader

POLARstar Omega

Multi-mode microplate reader with Simultaneous Dual Emission - including fluorescence polarization

SPECTROstar Nano

Ultra-fast, full UV/Vis spectrum absorbance microplate reader with cuvette port

NEPHELOstar Plus

Laser-based microplate nephelometer for light-scattering and turbidity measurements

LUMIstar Omega

Dedicated microplate luminometer - upgradeable to a multi-mode plate reader


microplate reader software BMG LABTECH has created an extensive software package that provides all of the requirements needed to run a microplate reader and to analyze the data.

Our microplate reader software


microplate reader accessoriesSeveral different accessories are available that will enhance the usability of your BMG LABTECH microplate reader.

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High-quality filters for your plate readers BMG LABTECH offers a wide array of general and specialized filters and optic modules that can be used in different microplate reader applications.

Filters and optic modules