Measuring of rheumatoid factors by the NEPHELOstar Plus microplate reader

Lisa Mack, Anne Barton University of Manchester 08/2005

Rheumatoid Factors (RF) are immunoglobulins which react to antigenic sites on the Fc region of human or animal immunoglobulin G (IgG). Presence of RF is one of the classification criteria for RA and presence of RF is associated with a poorer prognosis such as increased risk of developing erosive disease.


A method of measuring RF uses nephelometry. Patient serum is added to a microplate containing a fixed amount of antigen (IgG). Any RF present will form an antibody-antigen complex with the IgG and the concentration of the RF antibody can be determined by light dispersion. The microplate-based nephelometry reader, the NEPHELOstar® Plus, enables the assay and, hence, provides the advantage of higher throughput, low sample volumes and cost-effectiveness.

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