Service plan

BMG LABTECH offers different service plans to meet the needs of all research laboratories, including both on-site and factory service. Every BMG LABTECH reader purchased is covered by our standard one-year warranty. This guarantees the repair of the unit by qualified service personnel. This warranty covers all related costs of repair including parts and labour.

Service plans

After the warranty period has expired, you can continue to receive our comprehensive service and support. We offer service packages for customers requiring on-site service. With this plan, a qualified service engineer will repair the unit on-site or BMG LABTECH will provide a loaner unit during the maintenance period. The goal of the service plan is to minimise downtime and to get the unit repaired as quickly as possible.


We support and service all products that we sell and guarantee availability of spare parts for at least 10 years after a product is discontinued. If a reader’s warranty or service contract is expired, our technicians will quote all work and get approval before beginning any repair. On-site service is available on a per-visit basis.


Quality Control and Preventative Maintenance

A regularly maintained instrument ensures accurate results. We offer a comprehensive Quality Control and Preventative Maintenance (QC/PM) package that can be performed on-site or at our facility. This service QCs for potential problems and tests the reader in all modes.

Availability of specific services and maintenance plans may depend on product and country. For assistance, please fill out the service form here below or contact your local representative.

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