DNA measurements in low volume samples, microplates and cuvettes on the SPECTROstar Nano

Mark Gröne (1), Franka Ganske (1), Catherine Wark (2), EJ Dell (3) (1) BMG LABTECH Germany, (2) BMG LABTECH UK, (3) BMG LABTECH USA 08/2011

One of the daily routines in a molecular biology laboratory is the determination of the DNA content and purity. A widespread method is to use absorbance at 260 nm and determine impurities at 230 and 280 nm. This can be measured at all spectrometer-based BMG LABTECH plate readers.

This note covers various aspects of nucleic acid quantification: from the theoretical background over the concentration range up to the sample volume. It furthermore shows exemplary DNA quantification measurements performed on a SPECTROstar® Nano.

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