CLARIOstar Plus simplifies enzymatic reaction monitoring with its novel Enhanced Dynamic Range (EDR) technology

Mario Schneider, Jendrik Marbach, BMG LABTECH GmbH, Ortenberg, Germany 02/2019

Enzymatic assays typically employ a substrate that is converted to a chromophore, fluorophore or a luciferase substrate in course of the enzymatic reaction. This means in turn that the signal increases with increasing reaction time. As it is hard to foresee at which range of signal intensity an enzymatic assay ends their detection is challenging and is often associated with various rounds of finding the right amplification for fluorescent and luminescent signals. The enhanced dynamic range (EDR) eliminates these optimization steps.

Here, we demonstrate the detection of a β-gal enzyme assay that is primarily used for reporter assays. With the help of the EDR technology of the CLARIOstar Plus β-gal mediated production of fluorescein was conveniently monitored. It allowed the detection of huge signal differences covering a range from 660 RFU up to 3.44*108 RFU. The EDR tool simplifies the set-up of enzymatic assays as it does not require repeating the assay until optimal settings are found.

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