BlueScreen HC - a luminescence based, high-throughput, in vitro genotoxicity assay

Andrew Knight, Chris Hughes, Matthew Tate Gentronix Ltd. 08/2011

The BlueScreen HC™ assay from Gentronix employs the T6K lymphoblastoid cell line expressing a luciferase reporter to measure genotoxicity. The luciferase is controlled by a GADD45A promoter, which is activated in response to genotoxins. In the BlueScreen HC S9 assay a metabolic activation protocol using rodent liver extract (S9) extends the range of compounds detected to include genotoxic metabolites. S9 contains cytochrome P450s and other enzymes that catalyse the detoxification of xenobiotic substances.


The assay identified genotoxicity of agents such as Methyl-Methanesulfonate and Benzo[a]pyrene and determined the lowest effective concentrations for the tested compounds.


Using the BMG LABTECH instrument the BlueScreen HC assay has been shown to be fast, accurate and reproducible in the detection and quantification of genotoxic liability of a broad range of chemicals with differing potencies and modes of action.

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