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offers a wide range of microplate readers for a multitude of applications in life science, drug discovery and research.


Multi-mode microplate readers for luminescence, FRET, BRET, and more BMG LABTECH offers a wide range of microplate readers and accessories for use in life science, drug discovery, and other research areas. Find out more.

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Applications performed on microplate readers from BMG LABTECH No matter your assay or application, BMG LABTECH has a microplate reader to fit your needs. Search our application notes, posters and citations for your assay.

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Innovative technology in BMG LABTECH microplate readers German engineered with the latest microplate reader technology, BMG LABTECH plate readers offer high performance assay technologies & detection modes.

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BMG LABTECH has countless satisfied customers. Here is what a few of them have to say....

Bicycle Therapeutics, Cambridge, UK

“We purchased a Pherastar FS just over a year ago continues to provide us with reliable, reproducible data across a wide range of assay platforms including FI, FP, luminescence and absorbance. The LVis plate allows us to accurately quantify concentrations of 2µl protein and DNA samples which means less wastage of precious samples. Our lab wouldn't function without it!"
Helen Rapley
Assay Development and Screening
Bicycle Therapeutics, Cambridge, UK