Real-time cell health assays deliver better data with less effort

Dose and exposure determine the cytotoxic potential of a drug. The identification of this potential´s scope and magnitude has proven to be a challenge for conventional endpoint cell-health methods, both for efficiency and resource utilization. 

Promega has developed microplate-based, homogeneous, add-mix-measure assays that report changes in cell viability and cell cytotoxicity in real-time. The assays have been run on the CLARIOstar plate reader equipped with Atmospheric Control Unit (ACU) for up to 72 hours. This configuration allows both optimal cell incubation and continuous data collection for the whole kinetic, providing a true “walk-away” solution.

This scientific talk shows the characterisation of the dose- and time-dependent cytotoxicity (on and off-target) associated with an antibody-drug conjugate and a proteasome inhibitor. Advantages of the kinetic vs. endpoint detection are highlighted, focussing in particular on data quality and degree of experimental confidence.


SLAS 2018 Presentation

SLAS 2017 Presentation

Andrew Niles, a Research Scientist from Promega, and Carl Peters, an Applications Scientist from BMG LABTECH talked at SLAS 2017 about how to perform real-time, walk-away, cell-health assays.

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