Filters for a wide range of applications

Our filters are made of multilayer substrates on which film coatings with different refractive indices are applied. Generally, our filters can range from 240 nm to 850 nm in 10 nm increments and typically have a blocking power of six optical density (OD) units, or 999,999 parts in one million. A filter is hence capable of blocking undesired stray light down to 0.0001%.

Microplate reader accessory Filters

BMG LABTECH works closely with each customer to ensure optimal filter selection for their particular assay. In case standard ones do not suffice, assay-optimized filters for specific applications and bespoke solutions are also available, as well as special filters with extremely narrow (2 or 3 nm) or large (50 or 100 nm) bandwidths. For the PHERAstar platform, our customers can choose among a plethora of assay-optimized Optic Modules.

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