Workflow Automation

Automation is a key requirement for high-throughput screening as well as for streamlining assay preparation in academic, clinical and industrial laboratories. Find out how BMG LABTECH microplate readers can be easily integrated into automated systems.

Automation is a key feature in high-throughput applications.  An automated workflow usually requires the integration of different equipment, for example liquid handling systems, plate hotels and handlers,  analysis instruments such as microplate readers and  data handling systems.

All BMG LABTECH’s microplate readers are designed to be easily integrated into automated systems, all multimode plate readers have the same footprint and an accessible robot compatible plate carrier.  The reader control language for robotic control commands has remained consistent ensuring  the future proofing of any automated system.  

BMG LABTECH's experienced software team can work with customers to help design any automation solution, and our software includes many automation features that allow flexibility without any programming – the ASCII data output is the most versatile in the industry and works with most LIMS and automation platforms.

Take a look at the features below for more information on the automation capabilities and applications of BMG LABTECH’s instruments.


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