Evaluation Plate

Functional validation

The intended use of the Evaluation Plate is the validation of the optical functionality of BMG LABTECH microplate readers for quality control and/or qualification (IQ/OQ) purposes in environments following GLP compliance. The plate is compatible with all BMG LABTECH readers listed below and is designed to simplify fluorescence intensity, luminescence and absorbance qualification tests, saving time and avoiding the use of liquid chemistry.


Unlike liquid tests that are affected by pipetting or handling errors, the Evaluation Plate reduces error sources as it is equipped with reference optical filters, solid fluorescence standards and LEDs with defined emission intensity.


Test measurements and data reductions are performed automatically by the software, which also reports on attainment or failure to fulfill the validation parameters.

Tests and compatible instruments

Here below you can find the qualification features divided by reader:

Mode Parameter CLARIOstar Omega PHERAstar
Absorbance Absolute accuracy x x x
  Wavelength accuracy x x x
  Reproducibility x x x
  Linearity x x x
Fluorescence intensity Linearity x x x
  Reproducibility x x x
  Wavelength scan x    
Luminescence Linearity x x x
  Reproducibility x x x
  Intensity x x x
  Wavelength scan x    
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