Understanding the basic mechanisms and physiology of GPCRs

  • Company/University: William Harvey Research Institute, Queen Mary University London, UK
  • Interviewee: Dr Peter McCormick (Reader in Molecular Pharmacology)
  • Products used: CLARIOstar
  • Method: GPCR signalling and protein-protein interaction, live-cell kinetic analysis

Peter´s work focusses on understanding the basic mechanisms and physiology of GPCRs, specifically in the context of aging and cancer.

The CLARIOstar microplate reader is used to run a variety of assays mainly focussing on cell signalling and protein-protein interaction studies, adopting fluorescence complementation and luminescence complementation techniques.

The ability to read 384-well or lower plate formats enables the use of a reduced amount of reagents including iPS cells, and the possibility to run screenings.

Kinetic detection of living cells for prolonged times is made possible by the use of the Atmospheric Control Unit.

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