The PHERAstar®FSX high-throughput plate reader has taken TRF measurements to the next level. This instrument can be equipped with a UV-pulsed nitrogen laser for enhanced performance. Excitation lasers significantly improve performance and lower limits of detection. Compared to xenon lamps, they yield higher excitation energy at a specific wavelength, leading to improved assay performance and lower limits of detection.

The TRF laser specifically excites samples at 337 nm. With 60 laser flashes per second, it allows ultra-fast TR-FRET/HTRF® endpoint or kinetic measurements, and even “flying mode” detection. For several applications, a single laser flash provides enough energy to excite donor molecules. Measurements can therefore take place without stopping plate movement (flying mode), significantly reducing read times.

This makes the PHERAstar®FSX the fastest laser-based TRF reader on the market:

  • 8 seconds for a 96-well plate
  • 14 seconds for a 384-well plate
  • 47 seconds for a 1536-well plate

BMG LABTECH’s UV-laser not only allows for faster read times in europium TRF assays, but it also greatly enhances performance in terbium-based TRF assays.

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