Distributor Bio-Gene Technology announced a considerable increase in BMG LABTECH’s microplate reader market share in China


Bio-Gene Technology is BMG LABTECH’s exclusive distributor for microplate readers in Greater China. The team around Dr. Desmond Hau, CEO of Bio-Gene Technology, achieved outstanding sales and after sales results in the fiscal year 2022 and was recently awarded with BMG LABTECH’s “Excellent Performance and Sales Award”.

“This is the seventh year in a row that we have honoured Dr. Desmond Hau and his team in recognition of their sustained success since the very beginning of our cooperation in 2013. Over the years, we have established a very stable collaboration and created a rapidly growing installation base of microplate readers throughout China. Together with the excellent team of Bio-Gene Technology, we have increased the sales results tenfold since 2013”, stated Dr. Marjan Orban, International Sales Director, at BMG LABTECH, Germany.

PHERAstar FSX is top seller for Chinese pharmaceutical industry 

Since 2013, more than 800 high-end microplate readers have been stationed in major scientific research units, CROs and pharmaceutical companies in China, and hundreds of articles published by domestic scholars using BMG LABTECH microplate readers.  The PHERAstar® FSX has become the gold standard for high-throughput screening and is widely used in drug screening facilities around the world. Bio-Gene Technology reports that most multinational corporations as well as local pharmaceutical companies in China are equipped with an instrument of the PHERAstar series. To provide the best scientific and technical support to its growing customer base, Bio-Gene Technology established a customer service centre with BMG LABTECH this year. 

Looking forward to a successful future

"We hope to become a market leader in high-end microplate reading technology in China through further collaboration with BMG LABTECH. We expect continued significant growth in the pharmaceutical industry and academic research institutions," said Desmond Hau, CEO of Bio-Gene.  

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