VideoHow to Video: Get the best out of your microplate reader

Understanding the different settings that can be adjusted on a microplate reader and their effect on your results can be quite challenging. In this talk, our Application Specialists Ann-Cathrin Volz, Ph.D. and Martin Mangold, Ph.D. discuss the impact of different plate reader parameterson your data. In addition, they provide empirical evidence of their effect on data quality, and discuss approaches to optimise microplate reader settings.

A particular focus is also set on cell-based assay optimisation with additional tips beyond plate reader settings.

By watching this video, you will learn:

  • Available settings in the setup of a microplate reader protocol
  • The impact of these settings on the microplate reader output
  • How to improve data quality by optimising these reader settings
  • How to optimise the detection of cell-based assays on a plate reader





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