Alzheimers Disease Identification with the PHERAstar FSX

  • Company/University: ARUK Oxford Drug Discovery Institute, Oxford University, UK
  • Interviewee: Dr Emma Murphy (Assay Development & Screening Team Leader)
  • Products used: PHERAstar FSX
  • Method: HTS, protein-protein interaction, AlphaLISA

The Oxford Drug Discovery Institute is funded by Alzheimer´s Research UK (ARUK) and focuses on various areas of neurodegenerative disease research. Emma´s work is mainly targeted onto Alzheimer´s and Parkinson´s diseases.

Aim of the institute is bridging the gap between academia and big pharma, in particular, decreasing the risk in target validation and hit-to-lead for neurodegenerative diseases, in order to pass promising candidates to the pharmaceutic industry.

The PHERAstar FSX is used for both assay development and high-throughput screening (HTS). Assays that are mainly run include fluorescence-based enzymatic assays as well as protein-protein interaction by AlphaLISA®.

Emma chose the PHERAstar FSX for its sensitivity, speed and versatility. In particular, the reader helped them save on reagents. It allowed the use of half the amount of reagents for AlphaLISA assays while still keeping the same level of sensitivity.

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